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Our agents in the Call Center are available 24x7 hours a week. Call Center number +38164 5558581 You can get all the information about one of the offered facilities, tourist sites, products and services.

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We have found 31 results that are appropriate for your inquiry

Motel Sumatovac, Aleksinac
 Location:  > SERBIA
Hotel Sumatovac is situated in Aleksinac city, on the right side of river Moravica. Hotel Sumatovac is suitable for organizing small parties, business lunches, celebrations, as wel... Read more ...
Google SearchMotel Sumatovac, AleksinaceBrochures_Motel Sumatovac, Aleksinac_enImagesYoutube Motel Sumatovac, AleksinacGoogle Maps Motel+Sumatovac+AleksinacFacebook Motel+Sumatovac+Aleksinac

Motel "Kruna", Despotovac
 Location:  > SERBIA
Motet "Kruna" is situated on the Despotovac - Svilajnac road, at the mere entrance to Despotovac. There are 24 double- bedded rooms in this motel, so the total number of beds is 24... Read more ...
Google SearchMotel eBrochures_Motel ImagesYoutube Motel Google Maps Motel+Kruna+DespotovacFacebook Motel+Kruna+Despotovac

Motel Inn Curcic, Guca
 Location:  > SERBIA
Motel Curcic, Guca is new one motel and have 250 beds located near river and stadium where Guca Trumpet Festival every year organized....... Read more ...
Google SearchMotel Inn Curcic, GucaeBrochures_Motel Inn Curcic, Guca_enImagesYoutube Motel Inn Curcic, GucaGoogle Maps Motel+Curcic+GucaFacebook Motel+Curcic+Guca

Motel restaurant "Lep Vidik" Ivanjica
 Location:  > SERBIA
Motel se sastoji iz sest apartmanskih soba visokog nivoa opremljenosti kapaciteta [12 lezaja], velike sale za skupove sa 400 mesta, male sa 120 mesta obe klimatizovane, kuhinjom i ... Read more ...
Google SearchMotel restaurant eBrochures_Motel restaurant ImagesYoutube Motel restaurant Google Maps Motel+restaurant+Lep+Vidik+IvanjicaFacebook Motel+restaurant+Lep+Vidik+Ivanjica

Motel Restaurant Djerdapsko Jezero, Tekija
 Location:  > SERBIA
Motel is located in Tekija, place on Djerdap Lake, 25km from Kladovo, near river Danube. This place is popular with hunting and fishing tourism, named "Djerdap Spa, " because of hi... Read more ...
Google SearchMotel Restaurant Djerdapsko Jezero, TekijaeBrochures_Motel Restaurant Djerdapsko Jezero, Tekija_enImagesYoutube Motel Restaurant Djerdapsko Jezero, TekijaGoogle Maps Motel+Tekija+TekijaFacebook Motel+Tekija+Tekija

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Special offers

Motel restaurant "Lep Vidik"
Read more ... Motel se sastoji iz sest apartmanskih soba visokog nivoa opremljenosti kapaciteta [12 leza...
Motel Radovic, Kragujevac
Read more ... Na glavnom putu pravca Kragujevac - Gornji Milanovac u naselju Sumarice, nalazi se motel R...
Motel "Provala", Bac
Read more ... Motel Provala is located by the lake which bears the same name and it has a sand beach, vo...
Motel Restaurant Djerdapsko J
Read more ... Motel is located in Tekija, place on Djerdap Lake, 25km from Kladovo, near river Danube. T...
Motel Oaza, Mali Zvornik
Read more ... U Malom Zvorniku, na granicnom prelazu Novi most, nalazi se motel Oaza sa 12 dvokrevetnih ...
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