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 Hotel Beli Bor, Mountain Tara  
Hotel Beli Bor, sa dve zvezdice, nalazi se na mestu zvanom Radmilovac i udaljen je od OMORIKE 4,5 kilometara. Povezuje ih asfaltni put i uredjuena pesacka staza. Hotel ima sve uslove za kvalitetno izvodjenje rekreativne nastave, skole u prirodi i sportskih kampova.

Budite sigurni da Vas odmor na Tari necete zaboraviti. Pozelecete da opet dodjete u ovu jedinstvenu oazu mira i zdravlja…
... more


Index Services Room Type(The prices shown are per person) Adult
Max person From Date
1/1Single Room - FB31.72102-11
1/2Double Room - FB27.29202-11
1/1Single Room - FB30.24120-12
1/2Double Room - FB25.82220-12
1/1Single Room - FB25.82127-12
1/2Double Room - FB35.4227-12
1/1Single Room - FB36.82124-01
1/2Double Room - FB30.44224-01
1/1Single Room - FB33.28128-02
1/2Double Room - FB27.61228-02

Reservation may be possible through the choice of rooms and additional services available from the table RESERVATION OF ACCOMMODATION.Currency (EUR)


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Number of nights
Adults: (+18)
Children: (0-2)
Children: (3-10)
Children: (11-18)


Rooms index Room Type Adults (18 +): Children (0-2): Children (2-11): Children (11-18):

Catering services:
 Breakfast (0  EUR)
 Lunch (0  EUR)
 Dinner (0  EUR)

Special requirements
 Please note late arrival (after 7 pm).
 If possible please provide non-smoking rooms

Selected service:
 Hotel lunch in "Omorika" and "Javor" (4.87 EUR)

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